A story of wellness

Meet kelly

I became a Herbalife Distributor at the beginning of 2011, just after my father passed away at the very young age of 57.  This made me take a serious look at my health and lifestyle and set in motion a journey that has had its ups and downs (but mostly ups!) and is a wonderful adventure each day!


I am dedicated to the pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle.  I always aim to make good choices, and sometimes make bad ones, but never give up.  

I find great personal success in helping others achieve their goals and to find the magic that lies within themselves.  

I am perfectly imperfect but am on a quest to become my best self.  Let's do this together!


#bossbabe #herbamom #agentofchange #buildinganempire

"Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live" - jim rohn




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