6 tips for veggie haters

If you hate to eat your veggies the following tips may help you to increase your intake:

Add veggies you 'almost like' to dishes you already love

Layer baby marrow slices, chopped spinach, or cooked carrots into lasagna. Stir broccoli florets into macaroni and cheese. Toss whatever veggies you like (tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus) into an omelette.

Try them in a soup

Embellish your favourite soups with added veggies. Some homemade soups already contain a substantial amount of vegetables, but most canned and commercial choices need to have their veggie quota bumped up. I love adding carrots to chicken noodle soup, and green beans to minestrone. Just add the raw or frozen vegetables while you are cooking or heating the soup.

Slip them into salads

Load your salads with all the veggies you enjoy (or at least tolerate). The options include cucumber, grated carrots, green beans, onions, radishes, tomato, broccoli or cauliflower florets. You can even use spinach leaves instead of lettuce.

Serve them raw

Raw veggies can be more appetizing than their cooked counterparts to people who aren't crazy about vegetables. The flavours of raw veggies can be milder than those of cooked ones. And the texture is crispy, rather than mushy.

Take raw vegetables skinny dipping

There's nothing like a little light hummus or onion dip to make a platter of raw veggies disappear. Make it super easy by using store bought light hummus or make your own healthier option. To make light onion dip, stir onion soup mix into some fat-free or light sour cream.

Blend them into a smoothies

Blend up veggies such as avocado, baby spinach, beetroot, cucumber and kale into a smoothie, along with apples, pineapple, kiwi and strawberries for a delicious drink full of veggie goodness.


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