Having a bad hair day?

Is your hair looking and feeling a little lacklustre?

Perhaps winter has taken its toll and you need a new look to freshen you hair up. Now is the perfect time to kick start hair health with a little detox:

Step 1: Book a trim: A sure-fire way to get rid of any split or dry bits that might have popped up. Whether you’re asking your hairdresser to skim the ends or chop a couple of centimetres off, you’ll get that feel good factor and hair that looks and feels immediately healthier.

Step 2: Rethink your hair washing regime: Wash daily, or less frequently? There’s no right or wrong answer, but do consider not shampooing every time you shower, to avoid stripping your hair of oils. That’s your best option for keeping your hair properly moisturized.

Step 3: Go easy on styling: Dryers, tongs and straighteners take their toll, with heat causing hair to lose natural moisture and putting stress on your hair’s structure. Your tresses will thank you for a break from heat styling, but if you do style, try lower temperatures and gentler brushing, and protect with heat-resistant styling sprays.

Step 4: Remember to have a balanced diet: Don’t forget, your hair’s condition depends on what you feed your body. Make sure your diet is balanced and abundant in macro- and micro-nutrients.

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