Shopping for your health

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

When grocery shopping, consider the following for good health:

  • Look out for products with the Heart Mark. These foods will be lower in saturated fat, cholesterol, added sugars and sodium and will also be higher in fibre, where applicable.

  • Don't go shopping on an empty stomach! You are more likely to buy too much and to opt for the high fat foods when hungry.

  • Make a list before you go to the shops and stick to the list as far as possible.

  • Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. Don't ignore the frozen vegetables though as they make a convenient alternative to fresh ones.

  • Learn to read food labels. Look at the fat content: for a product to be low fat the fat content should be 3g or less per 100g for solids, and 1,5g or less per 100ml for liquids. When choosing oils and margarines, this does not apply as they are predominantly fats!

  • Choose a soft or tub margarine rather than a hard/brick one. Choose unsaturated oil or a spray oil.

  • Where possible, buy unprocessed meat, chicken and fish products, unless they have the Heart Mark or are low in fat and salt.

  • Choose high fibre breakfast cereals and put some beans and lentils into your trolley for a change.

  • Look for low fat or fat-free milk and yoghurt when choosing milk products.

  • Buy tinned fish in water or tomato rather than brine or oil. If brine or oil is only available, these can be rinsed off before cooking.

  • When stocking up on snacks, choose low fat yoghurts, vegetable sticks, raw unsalted nuts, dried fruit or whole-wheat biscuits.