The Importance of Breakfast

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

The fact that doctors and dieticians often emphasise the importance of breakfast should tell you that it's not a myth! Here’s why...


Even though there are endless research studies and facts about the importance of breakfast, you’ll even find that the word breakfast itself, implies that this meal is crucial.   If you break the word into two parts, you’ll find two words with an important message: Break-Fast. Still don’t get it?

Well, breakfast is the meal that breaks the fast that your body goes into every night when you sleep. If you decide to skip breakfast, your body will continue to fast until you eat later in the day. 

Skipping breakfast = gaining weight

Studies show that people who skip breakfast tend to eat more high-calorie foods and they run the increased risk of gaining weight. A group of researchers used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the brain activity to see what happens in the brains of people who skip breakfast.  Within the brains of these people, the ‘reward’ centres were activated more by the sight of high-calorie foods than low-calorie foods. The results of the research support the advice for eating a healthy breakfast as part of the dietary prevention and treatment of obesity.

Have you ever considered dieting by skipping meals? Think again!

Breakfast is crucial for brain functioning

Another important reason to eat breakfast is to help your brain to function at its best. Your brain needs fuel in the form of glucose which comes from the food that you eat.  This helps you to work, talk and perform all other important activities. Studies show that eating breakfast helps to improve concentration, increases the ability to solve problems and boosts your mood.

No, metabolism, I am not hungry

Eating breakfast will prevent your metabolism from going into the hunger-mode. Several hours after you have eaten, your metabolism shuts down and acts as if it needs to store